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About Stretch & Core Dance Course Malta

This class focuses on strengthening students’ core, along with other muscle areas needed for dance. Strength is vital to become a successful dancer in order to perform every movement correctly and consistently. However, flexibility is needed alongside this to enable the dancer to be more graceful and expressive when performing. Improved flexibility allows dancers to form more defined lines and shapes with their bodies. Strength and flexibility work together to help the artist give life to the art form that is dance.

Stretch and core classes enhance the dancers’ capabilities as well as giving them a good workout and enable students to develop the structural formation of a dedicated dancer. The practice of specific exercises help students develop the right physical structure to obtain and work on strength building, proper flexibility and other technical abilities essential to reach the standards expected of the modern dancer.

Classes are offered at the Brigitte Gauci Borda School of Dance once a week for 1 hour.


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