At what age can one enroll their child in the school?

    The youngest age is 3 years for ballet and 4 years for jazz classes.

Do students have a uniform?

Yes, students wear the full regulation uniform and particular attention is given to grooming.  The uniform is obtainable from the school.

Dance programme

What classes are available for the very young?

We offer pre-ballet classes where children learn the joy of movement with an emphasis on rhythm and coordination.  Basic ballet positions are introduced.

What other classes are available for older students?

We offer a complete ballet training programme for both female and male students of all ages.  See our complete course curriculum under ‘Courses’

Are classes available for adults?

Yes, we offer special classes for adults in Ballet, Jazz, Spanish Dance and Yoga.  These special courses are for adult beginners or adults who have very little dance experience.


How often do students sit for their examinations?

Examinations are held annually by foreign examiners from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London.

Do students receive a certificate on passing their exam?

Yes, on passing their exam, students receive a certificate which is recognised world-wide.

Do students have to sit for examinations?

No, examinations are not compulsory.

Number of students per class

How big are the classes?

In order to ensure individual attention, the maximum amount is 15 students per class.

Parents Day

Do parents get to see their children during their classes?

Yes, we hold Parents Day once a year.  Parents and close relatives are invited to come and watch the progress of their children during a dance class.


Does the school programe includes a performance?

Yes, the school organises its end of year performance.  Moreover students are selected to perform in special events such as MCI concerts, festivals and television programmes.


Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes, talented and dedicated students may be awarded local or overseas scholarships.

School holidays

Do students stop for holidays?

Yes, the school closes for Christmas, Easter and summer holidays.

Summer School

Do you have summer school?

Yes, we usually organise summer courses and sometimes bring in foreign guest teachers.

Tuition fees

Are tuition fees payable in advance?

Yes, fees are payable in advance every term (ie every three months).  The school programme covers tuition for three terms each year.

Are the fees refundable if a student is absent?

No, fees are not refundable even if a student is absent due to ill health.


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